Wow, thanks for such a long and thought out response, really appreciate it. I LOVE that photo too, the kids, my missus and I were just looking at it again earlier today and wondering if we could actually recreate it!

Yes, there’s something very odd going on. I’ve spoken to a number of writers directly now and they’ve not seen this before. I’m now up to 73 qualifying articles, all uncurated due to ‘high volume’. I have been in touch with Medium via email and got, at first, the auto responses stating they’d got the emails, but haven’t had any responses yet. It’s been a few weeks so I’m not sure one will be coming through now. I’ve also tried following up, but not even getting the auto response now, just total radio silence, I assume this email is no longer active. (email address I was using: Have you ever had any response from that email address?

Not quite sure where to go really - no support, no curation, no answers, nothing at all from the platform itself, but plenty of community support which helps greatly.

I’d love to read those articles you mentioned about “curation jail”, do you happen to know the links?

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