“What you’re looking for is something called the “Yours, Mine, and Ours” money plan.”

I totally subscribe to this process and, in fact, I published a book in 2018 called (I kid you not!) “MONEY: Yours, mine or ours” which outlines the entire process for doing this, end to end, and actually includes all the tracking spreadsheets you’ll need, all set up and ready to use, for free.You just download them when you get the book.

You see, for over two decades now I have been sitting down and helping couples sort out their finances from end to end and then setting up the new system — using almost EXACTLY this structure — so that they can track it and move forward. I’ve always done this work pro bono, and I can testify to the difference it makes first hand. Sometimes it can take several evenings of work if the bank accounts are a mess (this is more common than you may think!) but, in my experience, most couples then use this system permanently going forward.

I have to mention that the numbers aside, the key part of this is actually COMMUNICATION on finances between couples and you’ve covered that quite nicely. Over a third of the book is about that communication and holding what I refer to as ‘board meetings’ between couples. Once that is set up and working properly, the rest, frankly is just a case of following the instructions and sticking to the plan going forward. I’ve found that part is usually easier than some of the initial ‘board meetings!’ The reality is that most couples do not communicate well over money, but it actually entirely possible to do it with a structured process in place.

Anyway, I just had to comment since a) this is the first time I have seen someone else advocating this system in all these years and b) well, we called it the exact same thing!

And by the way, it’s an excellent piece, it covers all the key points perfectly and in the right proportion. I’m so close to this subject, I’m pretty sure I would have gone off at a tangent and tried to include too much detail!

I blog on things I am passionate about: Bitcoin, writing, money, life’s crazy turns and being a dad. Lover of learning, family and cheese. (jasondeane@msn.com)

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