This is really interesting. I’ve actually tried this route, several times actually, with very similar messages requests using the exact same submission form with ‘other’ as the subject. Each time I get a response that says :

You have reached the help desk for Medium. This is where we handle technical questions, issues, and bugs related to the use of Medium.

Unfortunately, we are not able to process or relay curation disputes or questions via this channel to any curators or editors. We apologize for that, and are working to improve systems of feedback. Please bear with us.

We have a team of curators who assess submitted stories based on our publicly available Curation Guidelines, so always make sure you are writing with those in mind. But even posts that meet those minimum criteria may not be selected for additional distribution.

Curators are looking for high-quality stories that meet our editorial objectives. It’s an inherently subjective process and we understand that it can feel mysterious at times. We are working on improving our feedback channels, but at this time we are unable to provide editing or advice on why a story was not chosen.

In other words a standard response that makes it clear that they will not consider anything other than technical inquiries through that form (or even emailing directly, tried that too!). Have you seen this before? Have tried a dozen or so times now with different angles over the last 3 months, each time the same reply. Am I missing something here?

I actually resigned myself to never having curation (now at 62 stories including in Writing Cooperative, The Ascent, Live your Life on Purpose etc, but never curated due to ‘high volume’) and am now on a mission to see if it’s possible to succeed without it. Wrote about it here, including how I ended up there in the first place (rookie mistake on my first couple of days!):

Fortunately, many of my pieces have done quite well anyway, and the real irony is that THIS article has been my most lucrative! Funny how life goes isn’t it?!

Anyway, thanks for a great piece, have tried it yet again suing your exact format, let’s see what happens THIS time eh?

Kind regard


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