This is a great question. In truth I haven’t used the graphical links in pieces that I’ve created with a view for curation, but have added in text links, ie like this on many occasions which seem to be perfectly acceptable. I knew I could ‘go to town’ on this one, where relevant, because it wouldn’t be considered anyway.

Like you, I’d be nervous to include it in the text, although I have noticed that there’s no problem including it at the bottom of the page. ALL my curated articles have at least two ‘if you liked that, try this …’ pieces which have obviously not affected curation chances at all.

I also know of some articles that have been curated and have those links in, so it’s almost certainly us being paranoid, but I’m still loathe to try it! Perhaps there’s someone reading this who might be able to give us a definitive answer?

Thanks for reading and commenting Melinda — it was a bit of a long one this one, well done for sticking with it. Hope it was worth it.

All the best


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