Thanks Maurice! Everything you say is valid - I don't live in Africa and I'm going on detailed research and conversations I have with friends who live/have family/have lived in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. I am fortunate I have these contacts to check things with, but the reality is that it's never as good as being in the country itself!

The point about Bitcoin being so easy compared to stocks etc is the key point of the article, even if there is some debate over actual usage as a currency. The way you describe its usage is exactly the same as we've seen elsewhere such as Venezuela and Argentina, so makes perfect sense and Bitcoin is ideal for that purpose. In short, there is certainly evidence of Bitcoin being used as a currency, but I accept it's possible that store of value trumps medium of exchange - at least for now. However, in either case, the point is that since there is almost no mining or node activity on the entire continent, it's pretty clear that use through whichever application is more important than "production."

Ultimately, my conclusion would still remain the same - Africa is uniquely placed to really capitalize on this new tech for a variety of reasons in a way that no other area of the world is. Despite all its problems, there is a real chance here of making the leap and leading the rest of the world and I'd love it if that was the case!

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