Thanks Linda, that’s one of the most informative pieces I’ve read on the subject, thought it was going to be another wishy washy summary, but that’s before I knew your work! (now following btw).

I’ve published a couple of books and whilst the second one in particular now has 12 5-star reviews on different sites around the world (and they’re not even from my mum!), total sales are still less than 250. Here’s the rub: I’m supposed to be an expert marketeer, having spent many of my working years in brand management and dealing with macro marketing, but even I really struggle at promoting books — this is a real art, and one I haven’t yet got. And, I’ve made all the mistakes you listed just to check they ARE mistakes.

I can confirm they are. You don’t need to retest them. You’re welcome. :-)

Anyway, in a roundabout way just wanted to say thanks for such a useful article — will be following your advice from now on!


Author: How to Explain Bitcoin to your mum

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