Thanks for this, that’s a nice angle and well written.

Like many writers I have ideas all over the place: some fiction, some non-fiction, some educational in my area of specialism (cryptocurrency), but mostly day-to-day observational/humorous stuff. My big issue with building audience has not been doing the work, but lack of clarity on where stories should go and whether I should even do them in the first place as they don’t fit … though I usually write them anyway if inspired to do so.

I have two blogs (personal and business) and only recently switched to Medium because I thought this may be a way of combing everything. But I’ve come back to this article a couple of times now as I keep thinking about it.

You see, since Medium is more flexible, does it really matter if my profile has a total mish mash of stories, since each one is curated on it’s own merited and added (or not) to various subjects? I guess ‘YES’ if that’s your goal — ie story by story — but ‘NO’ if you’re looking to build up a following where people can come and get their fix of, well, whatever it is you’re offering.

The thing is, I tend to use Medium by article rather than by author. Oh, I’m sure I’ll end up following a few as I always do on styles I like, but I’m content rather than author driven, which would imply that this doesn’t matter so much. Would you say that I would be in a minority in the way that I use it?

Also, it’s been a year since you wrote this article. Would you still say that the advice contained therein has become more or less relevant in terms of the above?

I’ll admit I wrote a little more than I intended to there, but I did mention you got me thinking about it! If you do have a chance to respond to any degree, I’d be interested in your views. Thanks again and all the best.

I blog on things I am passionate about: Bitcoin, writing, money, life’s crazy turns and being a dad. Lover of learning, family and cheese. (

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