Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Carol Burt, much appreciated. Here’s the answer to your questions:

It’s funny how you find stuff sometimes even months after publishing them, isn’t it? If it’s an error I DO fix them, even if it’s curated, but I won’t change anything else at all. I have done this routinely on quite a few occasions and never had a problem. I am confident it will be OK. Perhaps I should make that a little clearer in the article.

Trimming down followers is easy and I have done it myself. I got a bit gung-ho in the early days and had to do the same thing when I realized some of what I was getting just wasn’t relevant to me. Just go to your profile, click on the word ‘following’ and this will open a different screen listing everyone you are following. To unfollow, simply click on the word ‘following’ under each person’s name and this will stop you from following them. Simples!

To send a private message to an author, simply highlight some text in the article you’re reading and select the icon that looks like a speech bubble with a lock as follows:

Image for post
Image for post

This opens a box you can type in that only the author will see. Try it!

Glad it helped, this one was a marathon, so that’s made my day!

All the best


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