Thanks for reading Sami! I just had a look at the article you sent me, yes, definitely seems to be making a very similar point, but that’s not surprising really, I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have come to this conclusion — seems pretty straightforward to most ‘Bitcoiners’ I would think! We discussed this very point on a panel I was on about a week ago.

Can’t really give credit as a) it’s substantially different from my own piece except for a couple of generic points which are essential for the premise in the first place, b) I hadn’t seen it before this (it’s an opinion piece, all I needed was to research and double check the specific numbers I needed to make the point) and c) this article was written after my own by the looks of it (it’s dated 17th March , whereas mine was dated 16th March as you can see from the date of the email excerpt — takes the Startup a couple of days to publish usually.)

Perhaps it should be the other way round!! lol! More likely he simply came to the same conclusion independently, like the guys on the panel did even before I raised on the show.

Thanks for pointing it out to me though — nice to know I’m not alone in my thought process! All the best!


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