Thanks for reading! I can agree that it’s a gamble, but not necessarily a speculative one. I’m sure even you’d agree that if it was made to work as intended, it would as game changing as the internet was only 25 years ago.

It’s true lots of people hold it for speculative reasons (I have some for that too), but I also use it daily, am sometimes paid in it, etc. It’s very easy these days and you can use it anywhere you can use credit or debit cards.

And yes, we will definitely be using cryptos in the future! In fact I’ve agreed with almost everything you said, apart from the being backed my nothing part. It’s true that every fiat currency on the planet is backed by nothing since coming off the gold standard, but Bitcoin is the first currency in a long time that IS actually backed by something: maths, security and an impenetrable decentralized network. It really is a very clever system, if a little tricky to get your head round.

Hmmm. I feel another article brewing — perhaps we’ll continue the debate there?!

Thanks for taking the time to comment, really appreciate it!


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