Thanks for reading and commenting Karel, much appreciated!

Didn’t really follow some of your argument as it wasn’t very clear, mainly the bit about ‘one goal: to make profit’. Bitcoin is actually decentralized and has no ‘owner’ which means, of course, that this can’t apply. I’m guessing you may be referring to the original founder, Satoshi Nakatomo, but ‘his’ coins have never been moved.

It’s possible, and this may be may be what you’re implying, he is playing the very long game (11 years so far) and waiting for the price to sky rocket before offloading them. Have to admit, I can’t rule that possibility out, although it seems extremely unlikely given what we’ve seen so far. If it did happen, it would certainly create a short term supply glut, but wouldn’t cause any long term damage in my opinion.

I should also correct you on three other points, although not directly relevant to the piece — my investment is significantly more than $10k (and adding to it daily) and I paid off my student loans within just a couple of years after graduating.

Finally, sweat on my brow? Far from it! Put it this way, buying Bitcoin is very risky, but NOT buying it is even riskier! Wherever it goes, the world will be indisputably different from now on, so just being part of it is pretty awesome.

I’ll take the ‘crappy’ article piece on the chin though, I accept my style doesn’t suit everyone. Did you have any particular recommendations on how it could be improved?

Thanks again, and all the best


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