I have to say, from here in the UK, we view the USA as an increasingly dangerous and lawless place to be. Guns used to be legal here as well util the 80’s when we had a school shooting. That was it. The law changed overnight, all gun owners were given an amnesty to hand in all weapons and having any firearm at all carries a mandatory 5 year sentence. Gun crime just doesn’t happen, although we have other problems of course, like all countries. But mass shootings ended then. Same in Australia, one mass shooting was enough (Port Arthur) and guns were banned. Never happened again. It’s the only way. No, more teachers with guns is not going to help.

Of course I know this is an INCREDIBLY unpopular opinion as I was daft enough to try it on a couple of American friends of mine to my great regret, but I still maintain it. In any case, this madness must stop.

Good piece, all the best. Jason

I blog on things I am passionate about: Bitcoin, writing, money, life’s crazy turns and being a dad. Lover of learning, family and cheese. (jasondeane@msn.com)

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