Hey Charles. Yes, this does seem to be a common story now, so there’s definitely something going on with curation at the moment. Even the old trick of writing in to ‘yourfriends@medium’ and asking for consideration of curation now receives a new message back from the helpdesk explaining that this email address does not now deal with curation issues at all. Like you, however, writing is something that I have to do, so will keep at it, just with the mindset that nothing I ever write, whilst it may be good enough for ‘Writing Coperative’, ‘The Ascent’ or a myriad of other publications, will ever be accepted for curation. I’ll update the story occasionally and will keep everyone posted on how your Medium career can work (or not!) without it, but my view is that it IS possible, just much harder and more onus is put back on the writer.

Let’s see. All the best to you. I follow you anyway so I’ll continue to see your pieces pop up in my feed from time to time.

I blog on things I am passionate about: Bitcoin, writing, money, life’s crazy turns and being a dad. Lover of learning, family and cheese. (jasondeane@msn.com)

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