At first it’s about $$$. Then, it’s about the future.

[Reminder: None of the opinions expressed in this piece should be construed as financial advice. Please do your own research]

This is one of those articles that a certain DIY company would insist “does exactly what it says on the tin.”

Bitcoin is a powerful asset, and one that has…

Grumpy old man, die hard fan or simply misunderstood?

On my son’s 14th birthday in January this year, my partner and I presented him with a piece of paper promising a trip to Aylesbury to see the eighties band OMD.

Now this might seem an odd choice for a modern day 14 year old, but since our children have…

Is going all-in on fiat currency really a good idea in the modern era?

So, for the umpteenth time in several years, I find myself writing the words “China has banned Bitcoin” yet again.

Each time I usually add something along the lines of “and this time they mean it” just to emphasize the point.

This time, however, they really, truly do.

No, really.

What we know

Contemplations on witnessing the death of my father

Getting a phone call at 3am is never good news.

As I emerged from my deep sleep and became aware of the ringing permeating around the house, I remembered that the phone next to the bed was disconnected. …

Challenges remain, but it’s time to retire the clichés

Recently, I wrote an article about a couple of scenarios that could, theoretically at least, have the power to stop Bitcoin.

Right at the start, I dismissed most of them, because although they were once considered possible, they are probably not viable at this stage.

Inevitably, this lead to a…

Most scenarios have now been disproved — so what’s left?

Twelve years ago, when Bitcoin was in its infancy, it was very vulnerable.

Stopping it would have easily been accomplished in a number of ways. …

Or does middle age mean passing the baton?

On Aug. 15, 2021, the money we use officially turned fifty years old. In human terms, this is an important milestone, but in the financial world celebrations were, well, muted.

Of course, there has always been and always will be money in some form, but only a relatively small number…

An updated view from mid 2021

Back in June 2020 I wrote an article looking at the latest research (at the time) at how fast Bitcoin adoption was happening.

The article gained tens of thousands of views and is still regularly picked up a full 12 months later, presumably because the title fits nicely into a…

How Bitcoin solves one unique economic problem for the first time in human history

It’s incredible to me that there are still people who think Bitcoin has no use case.

It’s an extraordinarily difficult position to try and defend even under any cursory examination, but nevertheless, even in the face of accelerating adoption by individuals, corporations, institutions and even countries, there are still some…

Our journey through the current deadly outbreak of feline pancytopenia in the UK, and where to find help

Preface: I appreciate it’s unusual for someone who is a top writer in Bitcoin, finance and economics on Medium to randomly publish an article about cats, but well, even economists have furry friends! This story is also very relevant to many people who are gong through a difficult time with…

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